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KYOSAI Group has been supplying the service adapted to the market & best quality and creating the process through the original "Quality Gate" corresponding to the globally developed products with the keyword: "Information" "Communication" "Measurement" since established in 1946.

Hereafter, we will add "Medical" to "Information" "Communication" "Measurement" , and will realize three themes of "Total Multi-Vender Service" using one-stop service with all the products in all over the world, "Customer Direct Service" that we will offer our technology to customers directly, "Own Products Creation" that develops the innovated & original product and service.

We will contribute to the society through the business development with the "WA(Japanese)" and "speed" and aim to be a company trusted by all in the future. Please have a warm support. Thank you in advance.

Tsutomu Usui , President & CEO