GRS - Global Repair Service

Solutions to your businesses
with innovative business model

Quick repair with Japan quality “Laundry Service”

Factory “in” the Airport

  • Repair facility “in” the Airport just in front of the airplane
  • Japan strategic Free Trade Zone

Japan Quality

  • Repair in Reactive & Proactive
  • Engineers authorized by original suppliers
  • ISO13485

Quick repair

  • Typical repair 1-5 days ( Express Service:Same day repair and ship )
  • Asset management
  • Customer Satisfaction

GRS Cycle

example of USA medical device supplier

Repair Shop Location Customer Location Transportation
in days
in days
Total Cycle Time
in days
Chicago Singapore 11 20~60 31~71
Chicago Bangkok 12 20~60 32~72
GRS Singapore 2 0.5~5 2.5~7
GRS Bangkok 2 0.5~5 2.5~7

*cycle time is subject to be changed by the customs clearance

How it contributes to your business ?

My problem is the asset management caused by loaner stock increase that is getting focused in our business plan.

  • 3 days total cycle-time (best case) from end-user back to end-user.
  • If the current cycle-time is one moth, then it enables to cut 90% of your loaner asset and/or offer quicker response.

My concern is the information security especially in the high-tech products.

  • All engineers are authorized by original suppliers and controlled by NDA.

Our customers are so demanding or even getting tougher that speed, quality and cost are not compromised.

  • This service is world first business model and can resolve these tough trade-off with win-win goal.

We are facing tough competition in the arena and need a clear differentiation over others.

  • Down time is one of the key customer metrics. And this service brings a clear difference to your customers.

How about the total cost to us ?

  • Various benefit is expected by the simple and refined processes on physical goods handling comparing with the legacy process. Cost advantage is one of our commitments.